We have operated Shopping Shows and Radio Auctions in each of our 5 markets for many years. We upgraded to the Big Deals software because it allowed us to do a better job for our advertisers in terms of showcasing their business online, better reporting, rock-solid e-commerce and overall better security from an accounting control perspective.

Bob Leighton
Leighton Enterprises

Artistic Media Partners has been using Big Deals for nearly two years and last year the revenue we generated through our Big Deals store was the difference between us hitting our annual revenue goal and missing it. Also, the digital certificates option has helped our radio stations stay relevant in a progressive college town. Big Deals is a part of nearly every conversation we have with clients big and small.

Junior Blondell
Artistic Media Partners- Bloomington, IN

Wanted to take a minute to thank you for introducing our stations to Big Deals. Your time and talent in our market got us started with a bang, generating thousands of dollars in revenue in a very short period of time! You and your team have been incredibly helpful and a true pleasure to work with. Big Deals makes BIG sense for radio stations and their clients.

Pam Homan
Artistic Media Partners- South Bend, IN

We got rocked during the recession of 2008 and 2009, losing over 100 active advertisers over the two year period…nearly all of them small businesses. We hired Big Deals because of their intense focus on small business. Within 12 months we created 118 new business relationships, all on contract, and generated over $300,000 annually. Big Deals deliver a complete sales, marketing and software system.

Bruce McKirdy
Paradis Broadcasting- Alexandria, MN

Adding Big Deals to our stations was a big deal to our veteran sales reps. By the second week, they were doing 6 to 10 cold calls a day when they were doing 1 or 2 a week (maybe). They sought out old and long forgotten advertisers too! This program is helping us get new business and helping us wake up long thought dead clients.

Robert Wagner
Hometown Radio Network- Danville, KY

One of the things we liked most about the Big Deals business model was the idea that cash should be included in every advertiser program. So when our e-commerce site went live we had 50 advertisers signed up, all on a minimum 3 month agreement and we booked $30,000 in cash commitments before selling our first gift certificate!

Dave Wisniewski
Zimmer Radio Group, Columbia, MS

I love the hands-on approach Big Deals uses when coming into the market…they are a combination sales trainer, software provider, and most importantly a new revenue generator!

Danielle Outlaw
Neuhoff Media- Springfield/Decatur/Danville, IL

I have been looking for a way to take our auction into the 21st century, but couldn't find a way to do it that would have the success that I need to justify it. When I found Scott Murray at Big Deals, I knew that it was the perfect platform for our stations. We are 2 weeks in and have done as much business as we would do in an entire quarter our old way and you can feel the buzz it is generating. The set-up was a breeze, the training on the Sales end and the software end was top notch and the follow-up was better than even my very high expectations was expecting. Thanks Scott and the folks at Big Deals!

Matt Ketelsen, Station Manager
KOWZ/KRUE/KNXR Radio, Owatonna, Minnesota

BDM has been amazing to work with. They really value the partnership aspect of the relationship. They really care about the affiliate. They want them to be successful with their program. BDM has gone beyond words on the agreement paper for us. They really made us feel like we were their only client.

Jay Fisher, Director of Sales
Radio Results Network, Escanaba, Michigan

Big Deals has opened up a brand new revenue stream. Businesses that weren't able to put together a decent marketing campaign now have that ability and we still get paid. Over our first year we had 56 businesses and 55 of those were new or additional money.

Aaron Lange
The Original Company, Southwest Indiana / Southeast Illinois

Partnering with Big Deals Media was the best decision I've made in several years. Our online e-commerce program had become stale and ineffective, but with Scott's and leadership and in-market sales training our sales are off the charts and we're back to generating some serious revenue.

Tom McAuliffe II, President
MyFM Media- Milford, MA

We had been doing our own version of e-commerce called B-BAY in our market (Brainerd, MN) for several years before you approached us with the Big Deals. We thought we had been fairly successful and wondered if your format would increase sales. I’m glad to inform you that we have tripled our sales since implementing the Big Deals format. We follow your monthly marketing model and incorporate suggested copy which is voiced by Stacey, our B-BAY spokesperson, along with all the monthly promotions. It’s been a “Home Run”. Thanks for your persistence and keep up the good work.

Jeff Hilborn, Market Manager
Hubbard Radio- Brainerd, MN

Sometimes it’s hard to think outside the box. After spending time with other affiliates at the conference, we realized we were leaving money on the table with many clients. We are a locally owned three station group. Some of our clients don’t have the cash in their budget for all three. Now we are getting it by adding in Big Deals. Big Deals is like anything else—you will reap what you invest. Start by attending the conference, then watch your AE’s hit the streets running when you get back!

Jeff Steffen, General Manager
WJAG Inc.- Norfolk, NE

We brought our whole sales team and our Big Deals store manager to the Spring Big Deals conference and it was a great boost of energy. Our sales team came back fired up about what we heard from the other Big Deals station groups and their success stories. And our Admin coordinator was excited to implement some of the promotional tie-ins that other Big Deals stations were doing. Overall it was a great experience for us to see and discuss what the other station groups have been doing!

Greg Burd, Sales Manager
Flag Family Media- Fargo, ND

After doing your typical Shopping Show call in shows for about 25 years, we knew we needed to go to the next level. Big Deals has shown to be the answer! We saw immediate results. After having our store open for just two months, we doubled our revenue compared to the same time period a year earlier. The Big Deals staff has been with us every step of the way providing outstanding guidance and support. We’re truly excited about what we believe the partnership will bring us in the future.

Mike Harbit, President, General Manager

Partnering with Big Deals has really taken our shopping show to the next level. We have increased buying across the board, but in particular we’ve seen a dramatic increase in online sales which I think can be directly attributed to the consistent and creative email campaigns that Big Deals executes on our behalf. In addition, the sales training they have provided our sellers has been tremendous.

Nick Darr, Vice President, General Manager
The Big Z- Alton, IL

As I see it, Big Deals Media is the most exciting improvement in radio sales since the first time I learned about TOMA in 1998. I doubled my income in less than one year. Most of those clients I signed up on long term TOMA contracts 21 years ago, are still on the air. It's worked well for them and for us at KSTV. I believe we will experience similar results with your Big Deals Media program.

Grieg Mayberry
KSTV 93.1 - Stephenville, TX